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Our Story Pt. II

We all love a good love story! It’s just part of who we are as humans. Whether you’ve just started dating or are celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary, every single couple has a story. Being a photographer, I get to hear all of these stories on a regular basis! And it never gets old. Every single one makes me smile and relish in the fact that other people also experience the amazing joys of marriage. When Kameron and I meet new people, usually somewhere in the conversation the question is asked – “So how did you two meet?” And so we decided to reminisce and share our story with all of you! From the first conversation to “I Do” to our first year of marriage, here’s our story!

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The plan was all in place. He would cross the finish line of the L.A. Marathon on Valentine’s Day, see her waiting for him, drop to a knee, and ask her the question he had been wanting to ask her since they had started dating a year and a half ago. The scene was all playing out in his head as he looked out the window. How much more romantic could it get right?!

Well, shoot.

Then his ears perked up to the conversation happening in the front seat of the car. He heard her say the worst words that she could have uttered in that moment – “Oh I would hate to be proposed to in a public place!”

The marathon and Valentine’s Day were only a couple weeks away. And she had unknowingly dashed his proposal plan to pieces.

The Night of….

Kameron was just putting the final tug on his bowtie when there was a loud knock on his door. He hadn’t hidden the ring box yet and it was sitting on his dresser in broad daylight. Shoot, what if its Willow?! He grabbed it and shoved it in his pocket, thinking that would suffice for whatever this momentary interruption required.

“Aww you look so handsome!” Willow was standing at the door, navy dress, heels, and pulled back hair. It was February 12th and they were volunteering at a Daddy-Daughter Dance at their church that night.

She leaned in to give him a hug and as she did, she felt a distinctly square box pressing against his pocket. OH.MY.GOSH. Is he proposing tonight?! She was trying to keep her cool, but she knew.

“I’m going to go get something really fast, come get me when you’re ready to go okay honey?” Willow did a walk-jog back to her dorm room the best that you can in 6-inch heels. Kameron shut the door and blew out a sigh of relief. She was gone and he could hide the ring box as panned now.

Back in her room, Willow was trying to paint her nails with a jittery hand. Just in case that box was exactly what she thought it was.

The Proposal

The dance was over by ten o’clock and Kam was driving to Hendry’s Beach. He knew no one would be there this late as night. It would be the perfect spot. He parked the car and they started walking toward the sand.

“Let’s go up here for a moment.”

He led the way to a rock staircase they had both been to before that ended in a perfect look-out spot over the entire cove. They made it to the top and stood looking at the moon glistening over the water.

This was it. This was the moment.

He pulled out the letter he had written to her. His beautiful girlfriend. Hopefully his soon-to-be wife. He handed her the letter and she laughed as she opened it.

“It’s too dark to read this honey.”

Well, shoot.

He pulled out his phone, opened the flashlight app, and held it for her while she read it. He knew what the last words were. It was the question he had been waiting to ask her.

She finished the letter and looked up him. Setting his phone down, he got down on one kneed and pulled the ring box out of his jacket. He opened the box and repeated the question – “Will you marry me?”

It was an emphatic YES and giddy excitement as he slipped the solitaire diamond onto her ring finger. THEY WERE ENGAGED!

C-e-le-b-r-aaaation, c’mon!

With only one dark selfie from the night of, the celebration continued throughout the weekend. Grandparents, parents, and siblings were there to get excited about the engagement and cheer Kameron on as he completed 26.2 miles in four hours on February 14th. And when he crossed that finish line, it was even better than he planned Рhis legs were too tired to even get down on a knee, but thankfully she was already his fiancé!

Willow Vogt Photography, Our Story Pt. II, Proposal, K&W, Waco Photographer, Texas Photographer
Willow Vogt Photography, Our Story Pt. II, Proposal, K&W, Waco Photographer, Texas Photographer


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