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Our Story Pt. III

We all love a good love story! It’s just part of who we are as humans. Whether you’ve just started dating or are celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary, every single couple has a story. Being a photographer, I get to hear all of these stories on a regular basis! And it never gets old. Every single one makes me smile and relish in the fact that other people also experience the amazing joys of marriage. When Kameron and I meet new people, usually somewhere in the conversation the question is asked – “So how did you two meet?” And so we decided to reminisce and share our story with all of you! From the first conversation to “I Do” to our first year of marriage, here’s our story!

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From Her Eyes

104. Not the number of wedding guests. Not the number of white flowers adorning the venue. Not the number of donuts on the dessert wall. 104 was describing the temperature of June 24, 2017 – our wedding day.

Even though it was the hottest day of June that year, nothing could have spoiled that day. I remember standing in the bridal room with my dress on and peeking out one of the windows that faced the ceremony area. I stood behind the sheer curtain and just popped my face out.

Willow Vogt Photography, Our Story Pt. II, Proposal, K&W, Waco Photographer, Texas Photographer
Photo Credit: Melissa McKinley

And I saw my fiancé husband-to-be. He was fidgeting with his bowtie, trying to make it look just right. All of the nerves coursing through my body settled for just a minute. I get to spend every single day with my best friend, I thought. We were just a month shy of being together for three years that day. While those weren’t the best three years of my life because of what had happened, they were the best three years because he had been by my side every single day. And today was the day we would promise to always be by the other’s side for the rest of our days on earth.

The hours of our wedding day flew by after the ceremony. There were pictures, breakfast for dinner, dancing, toasts, and so much joy my cheeks were killing me from smiling so much. Two hundred of our closest friends and family had all come together and struggled through the intense heat just to be there for us and celebrate our special day. As we looked around, we saw those who had supported us, those who had put in hours of time and energy to create the wedding of our dreams, those who had known us before we had known each other. It was the most beautiful moment of our worlds colliding to celebrate us.

From His Eyes

When I looked out on the crowd that had gathered together to celebrate our wedding, fanning themselves and pressing cold water bottles against their necks to stay cool, I saw a Heinz-57 variety of our world condensed into a sample of 200 people. I saw cousins and high school teachers; a 5 year old sister and an 85 year old grandmother; friends we had known for 14 years and friends we had known for 4 months. There were CEOs and minimum wage workers, artists and farmers. From the sound of it, we had most of the cast of a good country song. 

A friend told me before the wedding that this might be the only time that this group of people gets together. Where else would this wonderful combination gather together except for maybe my funeral? And I won’t exactly be shaking hands with everyone there so this was probably it for me. I agree with my friend, however, and even though the night was over before it felt like it started, it was one of the greatest gifts I have received thus far.

It is not often in life that we truly get to see and experience the love our community has for us. I would venture to say that many of the circumstances, when we do become aware of this fact that is always present but seldom fully expressed, are difficult times such as the passing of a loved one or time spent in the hospital. Weddings are one of these rare circumstances where people that we care deeply about lavish love on us and we truly experience what is always just below the surface. With Weddings though, it is a happy occasion so it’s all the better. It is a humbling experience to accept help from so many people in such a short amount of time. Maybe it was because we were (are) so young and poor and absolutely could not do it by ourselves that the opportunity was ripe for people to help us. Even if you are in the financial position to pay someone to do absolutely everything for your wedding, however, leaving some things undone and asking for help can be a beautiful opportunity to see your community in action. Something that you might not experience again to this extent until your funeral, which as mentioned before is not near as fun as a wedding.

To everyone who made our wedding day a reality: We are grateful for what you have done for us and who you continue to be in our lives.

Willow Vogt Photography, Our Story Pt. II, Proposal, K&W, Waco Photographer, Texas Photographer
Photo Credit: Melissa McKinley


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